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How it Works

For every bag of coffee sold, Javesca will purchase four meals of food to help those throughout the world who have little to no food. Our goal is simple: to provide the best coffee and together end hunger.

1,038,420 Meals Given

480+ daily meals provided in Burundi, North Carolina & Guatemala


Top Quality Coffee

What sets apart good coffee from great coffee?

The key is in the roasting process. Javesca Coffee beans are ethically sourced from the best coffee regions in the world. Our expert roasters put the beans through a specialized 3-stage treatment in our state-of-the-art facilities in South Charlotte.

What’s the difference between Light and Dark Roast (and everything in between)?

To put it simply, the lighter the roast, the more the flavor and aroma reflect the essence of the original bean. A darker roast embodies the flavor profile of a longer roasting process.

In essence: Love for Great Coffee + Feeding the World = Javesca Coffee

Want to see us in action? Visit our brand new roasting facility in South Charlotte!