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About Us

Javesca was born from over 10 years of mission trips providing food for poverty stricken people in Central America. While there, Craig and Marilyn Bollinger were served the best coffee they had ever tasted. This started the idea of how can you get an ordinary person to give back each day and making it simple enough to repeat day after day?  Sound extraordinary?  They thought so.  Out of that idea Javesca was founded in 2012 with the heart of giving food to the hungry for every bag of coffee sold.  It began with the idea that sharing specialty, small batch roasted coffees from around the world could be the catalyst for getting many people involved in helping to end hunger.

During our trips to Central America, we found one of the best coffees we have ever tasted and in a location we found absolutely stunning. Antigua, Guatemala is known for its great coffee growing and from our first taste of the coffee, we knew that was the coffee God wanted to use to make a difference.

Flash forward and now Javesca has given over 100,000 meals to hungry people throughout the US, Central America, and Africa.  We no longer carry a single specialty coffee but at least 4 different ones at any time. Steven (son) is a co-owner and a full time employee. Craig continues to oversee operations from 30,000 feet, Sarah (daughter) is a missionary/resource coordinator in Central America, and Javesca has donated over 100,000 meals to those in need!

God is doing amazing things through Javesca and we know it is only the beginning.  We would love for you to be a part of this movement and be a catalyst!  

If interested in knowing more check out our video or email us at info@javesca.com