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Oat Milk Latte

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Our new Oat Milk Latte featuring our craft cold brew is available for pre-order now! Orders will begin shipping out mid July 2024.


We've had a blast over the past six months tasting and crafting the perfect Oat Milk Latte recipe you can take on the go. This canned latte has the rich coffee taste you know and love accented with great tasting oat milk leaving a rich taste and smooth finish!


Our Oat Milk Latte is Shelf-Stable: 
Our Nitro Cold Brew Lattes are pasteurized to allow for storage in a room temp environment, no refrigeration required if they are not opened. Put a couple at a time in your refrigerator or if you have the space, an entire case! The choice is up to you!


We currently DO NOT SHIP FULL CASES of COLD BREW LATTES due to weight and excess fees.

 -- FULL CASE orders (6 - 4Packs) need to be picked up at our Charlotte Roastery on Friday's between 11am - 3pm.