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Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

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Fresh out of the barrel is our 4th release of Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee.

This batch began its aging process last year in a local Maker's Barrel Pick with Cuvee and French Oak staves added.

Just like a wheated bourbon, this coffee is smoother than our first iteration.

NOTES: Hint of sweet smoke, toasted oak, vanilla, and a crisp clean finish.

Grab a bag or two while supplies last.


If you are in need of a grinder, check out some great options we would recommend:

Budget: KRUPS 

Mid Level: Capresso

Our Choice: Baratza


How does it work?

The green coffee is put into an freshly dumped bourbon barrel and allowed to age for a length of time.  While in the barrel the green coffee absorbs the moisture and aroma of the liquor that is inside the oak barrel walls from the original spirit that aged in the barrel.  Once the green coffee is roasted those aromas and notes develop alongside the coffee, burning off any alcohol traces that may be in the beans, to yield a coffee that has a distinct aroma with complex oak body and unique notes left behind by the spirit that rested in the barrel.


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