Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

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What happens when you bring together top tier coffees from Guatemala and Colombia, lock them together for months in a charred oak barrel that once aged delicious bourbon, and then roast them to perfection?

That was the question we sought to answer with our new series of barrel aged coffee. The result is a dark, oaky, coffee that slaps you in the face with a delicious bourbon aroma. All the alcohol has been roasted off these delicious beans, but don’t tell your taste buds that – they’ll never be able to tell. 

How does it work?

The green coffee is put into an empty bourbon barrel and allowed to age for a length of time.  While in the barrel the green coffee absorbs the moisture and aroma of the bourbon that is inside the oak barrel walls from the original whiskey that aged in the barrel.  Once the green coffee is roasted those aromas and notes develop alongside the coffee, burning off any alcohol traces that may be in the beans, to yield a coffee that has a distinct bourbon whiskey aroma with complex oak body and sweet smokey notes.


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