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QCB (Queen City Blend)

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FLAVOR NOTES: Vanilla, Orange, Graham, and Cocoa

Some people blend to hide defects in coffee... we believe blending should take up a different mindset.

Why not blend coffees during cupping to bring out the best of what different coffees have to offer and mix that experience in one amazing cup.  Named after the Queen City we know and love this blend is very diverse in its mouth feel and booming with flavor just like the many neighborhoods of Charlotte.

Made up of a mixture of African, South & Central American coffees this medium roast has a well rounded and diverse cup while delivering a burst of flavor!  Pulled in a tight shot, it brings an espresso with a nice medium body full of graham and cocoa notes with a bright citrus creama.  As a pour over or drip coffee the fruit notes subdue and give way to a clean well rounded cup of coffee bringing out the best of Central and South america with just a twang of spice.

Grind it fine or enjoy it as a silky smooth drip coffee.  Either way you can't go wrong brewing QCB.