Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

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Our Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee is a blend of green coffees formulated to allow the notes of an empty once used oak bourbon barrel to accent the natural flavors of the coffee. 

How does it work?

The green coffee is put into an empty bourbon barrel and allowed to age for a length of time.  For our first release, we sampled the green coffee at various points in time to determine how much aging was ideal for the flavor profile we wished to create.  While in the barrel the green coffee absorbs the residual moisture and aroma that is inside the oak barrel walls from the original whiskey that aged in the barrel just a few months before.  Once the green coffee is roasted those aromas and notes develop alongside the coffee, burning off any alcohol traces that may be in the beans, to yield a coffee that has a distinct bourbon whiskey aroma with complex oak body and sweet smokey notes.

This is an extremely limited release.

Bags will be available on a first come first serve basis.


If the product shows out of stock, don't be alarmed, there will be new types of barrel aged coffees to come this summer!

Cheers ,

~The Javesca Team