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Burundi Feeding Picture

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A framed 8 x 10 photo of Javesca's latest feeding in Burundi, Africa helps to show what Javesca's mission is and what a difference people have made!

Burundi has been through much civil war and conflict over the past 10 years.  A full bodied allotment of Palm Oil, Rice, Beans, Sugar, Salt, and soap for hygene make up Javesca's food bags.  These bags feed a family for two weeks, allowing for them to source food for the future and not have to worry about what they will eat that evening.  This helps to curb the worry for today and helps to get communities and families back on track from various times in life.

 A new civil war begun after our team departed in December and since then we have been doing our best to support and feed people in need during the war.  We do not take sides, justify the cause, or agree with what is going on but we do believe in love, compassion, and that no one should go hungry.  Look for info on the website on how you can make a difference even from over 2000 miles away.