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Seasonal Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

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Our limited relase Seasonal Nitro Cold Brew Blends are available now! 

We've had a blast over the past year sourcing unique coffees from various Fincas (farms), producers, and importers to roast, blend, that helped us curate blends that reflect the change in the seasons. No matter what time of year it is, our seasonal blends, will accent cold days with a complex heavy body or bring light bodied taste in the warm days of summer and fall. We hope you will enjoy these Nitro Cold Brew Blends as much as we do!

Fall/Winter 2022 Profile: Reflecting the change of temperate in the Carolinas this blend features a washed medium roast Colombian base with a fruit forward anerobic natural fermented Ethiopian coffee and a sprinkling of dark roast, wet hulled, Indonesia Sumatra coffees. The blend yields a delicate chocolate nose, a smooth heavy body, with a crisp finish of cedar, spice, and wood smoke. A great blend for cold mornings, snow, weekends, and fun. Try a 4-pack today or double up with our original blend to enjoy the best of both original and seasonal cold brew profiles.

Summer 2022 Profile: A blend of a Natural Ethiopian, Colombian, and Brazilian Coffees. These coffees are roasted a variety of different ways and post blended to create a light bodied, citrus aromatic, easy drinking summer Nitro Cold Brew coffee. Try a 4-pack today or double up with our original blend to enjoy the best of both light and dark cold brew profiles.


We currently DO NOT SHIP FULL CASES of COLD BREW due to weight and excess fees.

 -- FULL CASE orders (6 - 4Packs) need to be picked up at our Charlotte Roastery on Friday's between 11am - 3pm.