Coffee 101


Regardless of the coffee source, fairness is important and is one of Javesca’s core values.

Javesca only operates using a direct trade method.  This method far surpasses fair trade contacts in that it deals with real time coffee exchanging. This makes sure that regardless of the time of year, the place, or the person each purchase insures that the farmer is getting the price they deserve for their harvest.


Javesca does not compromise the quality of our coffees in order to make a difference.  The taste of great coffees is our quest, while feeding people who have little to no food, is our passion!  Javesca seeks out the specialty coffees from different places in the world and will continue to do so.  We are simply put…coffee addicts!  As Javesca adds various varieties of beans from different countries, you will get to enjoy the distinct qualities, aromas, and taste the unique flavors and features of each.  We love drinking great coffee, but even more, we love providing food through that great tasting coffee.

Simply put:
We love what we do and hope that you will enjoy being a part of an amazing vision!

Decaffeinated Coffees:

Don’t worry, Javesca decaffeinated coffees are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Decaffeination Process. This method uses water to extract caffeine from the coffee leaving it 99.9 percent caffeine free while not introducing harsh chemicals to the green bean. Thus it is one of the best processes available today!

So drink happy, knowing that our green beans retain a full flavor during the roasting process, producing a great tasting, healthy cup of coffee that can be consumed at any hour of the day.

More information on the Swiss Water method can be found at their website.