What Does It Mean To Make A Difference?

What Does It Mean To Make A Difference?

What does it mean to make a difference? Have you thought about making a difference? Millions of people are out volunteering, serving, and giving in their communities across the globe. We really can make a positive impact in our community, business, friendship, class, country, or city. It can be as natural as breathing. Different Ways to make a Difference Service and making a difference takes on many different forms…some people choose to be part of an organization sharing kindness, time, finances, and other things with those who are less fortunate. Others choose the road less traveled such as mission work in foreign countries. Sometimes these countries lead them to places far from their home…sometimes the same issues they have a passion for lead them right to their back yard. No matter where you give, I just wanted to say thank you for making a difference, for backing a cause, for taking a stand! We know what it’s like to want […]

Happy Father’s Day

Of course, most dads are not reading this blog since very few dads actually read blogs or order things like coffee online. So men, women, kids, teen, and that special dad who happens to be reading a blog on Father’s day – share this with dads and order coffee for them! J It only takes a click on an internet search…to find out the significance of fathers in their children’s lives and all of the studies showing the benefits fathers bring to a family is published around this topic. There are people with a whole lot more credentials after their name than us writing great stuff on how to be a better dad, how to be more engaged as a father, and the importance dads play in the lives of their children. The articles are good, truthful and helpful in growing to be a better dad. Making a Difference At Javesca, we are all about making a difference in lives […]

The Best Iced Coffee – Ever!

I have found it! The perfect recipe for the most fabulous iced brewed coffee! You should know that I love my coffee hot and strong—even in the summer time. Yes, even in the Carolina summer heat, I still prefer hot over iced! But there are times when an iced coffee would be refreshing! My previous attempts of pouring brewed coffee over ice have always left me with a diluted cup of coffee—not to mention the awful taste of melted ice! Since I am unwilling to pay $5 for a drive-thru iced caramel macchiato, I resolved to find the best method to make some myself that will retain the intense, rich, and delicious flavors of our Javesca beans. What did I find? Coffee concentrate is the key! No more brewed coffee poured over ice! Sadly (but only initially) you have to wait a few hours for the coffee concentrate to finish…but it is so worth it! On the up-side: you can […]

Mother’s Day is Here!

Imagine a day for mothers.  Mother’s Day is here!   Personally, I am glad our country has named a day for moms.  I know it means that the common feeling is to go out and get something special to honor them while all kinds of retailers flock to serve you.  That is ok!  After all, moms have had to put up with people like us.  You know “us” as in those kids that never stop talking, always ask, “Are we there yet?”, eat the last cookie, eat them out of house and home, while asking, “Is there more?”.  Yes, they deserve something.  Really, everyday could be considered a mother’s day. A Mom’s Work is Never Done There is just not enough credit given to moms.  I know many could argue that idea depending on your mom situation, but what I see is that it should be mother’s week or mother’s year or decade for that matter.  A mom’s work is never […]